third floor studio
Client: Muniex AB. Location: Gamla Stan Stockholm, Sweden. Year: 2019 On April 05 2019, Munkbron 5 – M5, a modern stylish and sustainable coworking, event and art gallery opened in “Gamla Stan, the center of Stockholm Sweden historical old town. The property location, in contrast to its surrounding, retained and boosts its authentic unpolished industrial look. Third floor Studio designed M5’s interior, which was our studio’s first assignment in spatial design. The interior design concept was based on the objective of being a diverse creative expression with varied artistic types and venue, including collaborations, vernissage, or just creative space to work from. “A platform to express creativity in all shapes and forms. A well-curated 120 square meter 2 floor oasis, a playground for the creative mind bringing inspiration for visitors and clients alike.”
Design/product: The different areas make for a versatile and dynamic space:
The transformable showroom that accommodates exhibitions, business meeting, presentation, celebrations, musical performance, grand dining, conferencing, and workshop shops.
Studio room downstairs designed specifically for private parties with DJ or live music and also accommodates exhibitions.
Private longue that doubles and a small movies theater ideal suited for conferencing and presentation. Business planning: We conceptualize and design on the blurred lines of CREATIVITY. Our views on creativity is that it is the common factor that binds us together. Whether an establish business, a start-up company, students or just an individual, we all equally seek an authentic well-curated location to express and connect people to their ideas. This success of this space is to make it’s guests feel that they have found their a diamond in the roughs perfected suited just for them.