third floor studio
PYLO Massage Support Cushion
On behalf of our client Rose Massage LC, Third Floor Studio designed, developed, and manufactured PYLO - a first of its kind Massage Support Cushion. The objective in designing PYLO was to achieve a balance between function and aesthetic while capitalizing on a gap within the market. The massage support cushion will be presented in the New York City Massage Fair, New York in Fall 2020. Client: Rose Massage LLC. Location: Connecticut USA, Stockholm Sweden, Vilnius Lithuania. Year: 2019
Design/product: PYLO was designed to withstand the hectic working environment of massage studios, while sustaining it’s functionality and design. This resulted in a classic low-key design with an assortment of colors adoptable to the esthetic and interior design of any studio. The functional requirements from our client is readily seen in PYLO raw materials choices, carrying and storage functionality, easy-to-clean, health protocol such as hypo-allergenic surfaces, environment friendly packaging, and the overall stylistic design.
Business planning: We worked closely with the Rose Massage throughout the product development life cycle, using quick check-in / show & tell meetings as effective non-disruptive coordinating activities. As a first to market product, we performed a thorough market analysis to assess market needs and perceptions in order to develop a robust market strategy. This resulted in a simply, easily executable business plan that leverage the client’s internal assets such as its people, organizational structure, and business capabilities.